Hello, I’m Siobhan…




I’m an award-winning author of books for young adults and adults.

And I’m passionate about daring others to love, create and dream.

Please browse this site to find out more about my books, workshops and talks.

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And for inspirational musings, hop on over to my blog, Dare to Dream.

DatingAdvice.com named it one of their top ten blogs for dating courage and HerFuture.com selected it as one of their ‘blogs we dig’.


Coming in 2015

Do the phrases ‘size zero’, ‘plastic surgery’, celebrity culture’ and ‘WAG’ make you cringe?

Have you had enough of being told how to look and behave?

Are you ready to forget the fake and keep it real?

Would you love the freedom and courage to reveal your true self to the world?

My next book, TRUE FACE: Be Real. Be Fearless. Be You is being published by Faber & Faber in April 2015.




Don’t show me your tweet-face

Or ur txt spk

Show me your True Face 

And let your heart speak.


“It’s time to unmask the real you. From body image, bullying and social media, to love sex and more. Siobhan Curham helps young women forget the fake and keep it real in this inspirational and empowering book.”


Find our more about TRUE FACE and my other books here on Amazon.


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