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I’m an award-winning author of books for young adults and adults.

And I’m passionate about daring others to love, create and dream.

Please browse this site to find out more about my books, workshops and talks.

You can also catch me on twitter here.

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And for inspirational musings on life, love and creativity, hop on over to my blog, Dare to Dream.

DatingAdvice.com named it one of their top ten blogs for dating courage and HerFuture.com selected it as one of their ‘blogs we dig’.


Join the True Face Revolution

Do the phrases ‘size zero’, ‘plastic surgery’, celebrity culture’ and ‘WAG’ make you cringe?

Have you had enough of being told how to look and behave?

Are you ready to forget the fake and keep it real?

Would you love the freedom and courage to reveal your true self to the world?

My new book, TRUE FACE: Be Real. Be Fearless. Be You is out now.

The Bookseller have called it ‘An important and inspirational book.’




Don’t show me your tweet-face

Or ur txt spk

Show me your True Face 

And let your heart speak.


“It’s time to unmask the real you. From body image, bullying and social media, to love sex and more. Siobhan Curham helps young women forget the fake and keep it real in this inspirational and empowering book.”




The TRUE FACE website is now live. For inspirational interviews, guest posts and advice on how to dream boldly, love passionately and live authentically step on over here.

You can find out more about TRUE FACE and my other books here on Amazon.


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Cléonie S. says:

    Hi Siobhan (Can I call you like that?) :)

    So: I finished one of your books (Dear Dylan) and I just loved it so so so so much. Its obviously one of my fav’ books! I cried a lot of times (4 to be exactly) it was so moving. Now that I discovered one of your books, I will try to read the others :)
    Thanks for this perfect book. Stay beautiful and dont ever change ????

    PS:Sorry if my sentences are wrong, but I’m french and only 13years old! I’m actually learning this language at School ahah 😀

  2. siobhan says:

    Hi Cleonie,
    Merci beaucoup for your lovely message. I’m so pleased you enjoyed Cher Dylan and your English is great! So pleased you liked Jamie too! :) Siobhan x

  3. Marleen Fransis says:

    Hi Siobhan

    I just finished one of your books Finding Cherokee Brown. It was an amazing book and I really enjoyed it. As an assignment I am doing a book review on it and I will encourage everyone in my class to read it. Thank you for your inspiring novel and it was an amazing book to read.

    Thank You,
    Marleen Fransis

  4. siobhan says:

    Thank you so much, Marleen – so glad you enjoyed it and I really appreciate you recommending it to your class. Siobhan x

  5. Hebah says:

    Hey Siobhan!

    I’ve started reading your book “Dear Dylan” and I am really enjoying it. (:
    I’m really excited for the Writing Workshop you’re going to be doing at our school next term- my friend and I have signed up to it!!

  6. siobhan says:

    Hi Hebah, lovely to hear from you! Really pleased you’re enjoying Dear Dylan and looking forward to meeting you next month :) x

  7. tamara lauser says:

    Hey Sibohan!

    I finished one of your books (ship wrecked) and it was great???? I’ve to present it in school but it’s very difficult because we have to tell something about the writer and I don’ t find any information about you:( can you tell me something for example when you were born? I would be very happy if you answer me :)

    And I’m sorry if my English isn’t so good but I’m only 13 years old.

    Thank you

  8. tamara lauser says:

    Sorry I would send it without ?? Because your book I really great! I love it

  9. siobhan says:

    Hi Tamara,
    Your English is great! I’m so pleased you enjoyed Shipwrecked :) There is some information about me on the ABOUT page on this website. I’m also from London and I have one son. Hope this helps – if not please feel free to email me with any specific questions via the CONTACT page. Siobhan x

  10. Helen Keevil says:

    ive recently discovered your book True Face in the school library and am aiming to promote it to girls here at the College for summer reading, would you be interested in visiting the College to speak to girls about your writing and personal experience?
    I’m a former boarding Housemistress and now run the Personal and Social Development programme for the pupils
    Let me know, we are in Epsom Surrey

  11. siobhan says:

    I would love to! Will send you an email…

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